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  • Available UW-Extension Educational Programs

  • Family Living Programs

  • Be Strong Stay Strong Strength Training

    Be Strong Stay Strong is a strength training program for anyone desiring to slow down the bone and muscle loss process. Be Strong Stay Strong is offered to various age groups and genders including seniors and women. Classes typically have eight to twelve participants.

    Duration: 60-75 minutes
    Number of sessions: 20 (twice weekly for 10 weeks)
    Cost: Varies, call for more information

    Contact Jen Whitty for more information at jwhitty@waukeshacounty.gov or (262) 548-7789

    Taking Care of You: Mind, Body, Spirit

    Explore the various dimensions of health (physical, mental, social and spiritual) and how they are interrelated. Includes education and activities that reinforce the importance of being mindful and intentional in our daily lives for maximum health. 

    Duration: 90 minutes
    Number of sessions: 4
    Cost: Varies, call for more information

    Contact Jen Whitty for more information at jwhitty@waukeshacounty.gov or (262) 548-7789

  • Horticultural General Public Programs

  • Master Gardener Level 1 Training
    Waukesha County teams UW-Extension teams up with Milwaukee County to provide education, training, and volunteer opportunities for those who want to become a Master Gardener Volunteer. Master Gardeners volunteer time to gardening opportunities and projects in return for receiving horticultural training. For more information, visit the SouthEast Wisconsin Master Gardeners website at http://fyi.uwex.edu/sewmg. The SouthEast Wisconsin Master Gardeners includes both Waukesha County and Milwaukee County residents. Training is held September through December each year. 

    Duration: 3 hours 
    Number of sessions: 13 
    Cost: Call (414) 256-4672  or email  Betsy Vokac
    Pruning Workshop

    Offered in March or April each year. Workshop includes an indoor presentation on pruning techniques and tools followed by an outdoor, hands-on pruning component where participants are given an opportunity to practice what they’ve learned. Focus is on pruning trees and shrubs. 

    Registration is required. The registration form can be found here when available. 

    Number of sessions: 1
    Cost: $45

  • Horticultural Professional Programs

  • Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Short Course

    A four week short course held each February designed to keep landscaping and grounds maintenance personnel up to date on the newest education practices and technology available to green industry professionals. 

    Duration: 3 hours 
    Number of sessions: 4 
    Cost: $20 per session or $65 for all 4 sessions

    Contact Kristin Krokowski for more information at kristin.krokowski@ces.uwex.edu or (262) 548-7775.

    Trial Garden and Plant Field Health Day

    A program held early August in conjunction with Boerner Botanical Gardens. This one day educational event utilizes the gardens for many different walks including: showcasing new varieties, tried and true plants, and the diagnosis, proper care and maintenance of plants. Educational talks are also held indoors throughout the day on emerging problems, disease and insect problems and plant selection. Attendees can choose from a variety of sessions.  

    Duration: 8 hours 
    Number of sessions: 1 
    Cost: See brochure

    Contact Kristin Krokowski for more information at kristin.krokowski@ces.uwex.edu or (262) 548-7775

    Urban Forest Health Workshop

    The Urban Forest Health workshop is a combination of classroom talks and interactive walks that focus on issues related to maintaining tree health including topics tree pest, tree assessment and understory management. 

    Duration: 8 hours
    Number of sessions: 1 
    Pricing: $65 

    Contact Kristin Krokowski for more information at kristin.krokowski@ces.uwex.edu or (262) 548-7775

  • Nutrition Education Programs

    These programs are free to families and individuals within established income guidelines.

  • Eating Smart and Being Active

    Learn more about how to eat healthy/get active and feel great doing it!

    Eating Smart and Being Active is a series of lessons that Waukesha County UW-Extension Nutrition Educators teach to participants in their own homes or in group settings at various community sites. It is available in English or Spanish and FREE to families with children.*

    *Families with children (ages infant – 19 years old, or are expecting) who are eligible for programs such as WIC, Free & Reduced Lunch, or Food Stamps (FoodShare) meet our income guidelines to participate in ESBA.

    Eating Healthy/Keeping Food Safe/Stretching Your Food Dollar

    UW-Extension Nutrition Educators teach low-income families, individuals, youth and elderly to learn about nutrition and improve their food security. The programs are available to families and individuals within established guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to, families and individuals who are eligible for: the QUEST card (food stamps/FoodShare), WIC, Wisconsin Works (W2), SSI or SSDI.

  • Small Business Education

  • Small Business Retention and Expansion Research Studies

    Small Business Retention and Expansion Research Studies

    Studies of state and national data concluded that ‘job growth from existing businesses far exceeds job growth that was the result of industry attraction.’  (University of Florida Extension, 2012)

    By conducting local small business retention and expansion research, the process helps stakeholders learn about local business challenges and future plans to offer clues about possible future actions.

    The ultimate goals of our effort is to identify growth and retention needs for small businesses, and to develop a cross-sector approach to collectively design and implement strategies that help grow the local labor force, while identifying individual needs and connecting existing resources.

    Additional research to support this effort:

    Expansion of existing businesses and operations has greater community impact over time with job creation and tax contributions in most communities.  (Gordon, 2001)

    Keeping a business in the community is less costly than attracting a new one when considering fiscal cost per job created. (Morse, 2004)

    Stage two businesses have significant potential for growth. (Braatz, 2012)

    See how the City of Waukesha implemented this program.

    Business Intelligence Team

    Business Intelligence Team

    This Business Intelligence Team model is being introduced in Wisconsin because it is believed that small companies are very important players in our economy, and while economic developers and educational institutions tend to focus on job creation as the end goal, we realize that your goals are more aligned with increasing sales, adding market share, developing new products, and making better decisions. We believe that by combining your experience as a business owner or CEO with access to tools and information you may not normally have access to, we can help you make decisions that might lead to growth on your terms.

    The team used for this program will be a combination of a national team certified by the National Center for Economic Gardening and a Wisconsin team in the final stages of their certification training. All information discussed and posted to the website is confidential and protected by a non-disclosure agreement included in the registration process. The information is never shared beyond the assigned team or others you designate and approve to be involved.

    See an outreach example with Mathison Manufacturing:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGAFJoNVv18.

    Going Solo: Building a Family Business

    Going Solo: Building a Family Business

    UW-Extension provides economic empowerment through entrepreneurship skill development in cooperation with local partners to help families prepare to grow a small enterprise and build their resource network.

    Going Solo creates an opportunity to explore starting up a business, learn principals and essential business concepts, identify business opportunities, and develop entrepreneurial skills for immediate application. The program also provides youth (ages 10-16), and their parents an opportunity to discover if starting a business may be in their current or future plans. UW-Extension has conducted this program with over 100 families resulting in 11 small business start-ups

  • Yard & Garden Programs for Organizations or Groups (fee based)

  • Dig into Gardening - Youth Garden and Nutrition Program

    Lessons are offered to youth and /or families and can include preparing a healthy garden snack, nutrition and horticulture activities, creating a small container garden and reading garden and nutrition themed stories. These options can be selected a la carte for a tailored program that meets your needs. 

    Duration: 60 minutes 
    Number of sessions: 1 to 4 sessions  
    Cost: Varies, call for more information

    Contact Ann Wied for more information at awied@waukeshacounty.gov or (262) 548-7788
    Vegetable Gardening in a Container

    A program teaching the basics of growing container gardening. Each participant will go home with a container garden with assorted vegetables and/or herbs (depending on the season). Focus of the program could be directed to children or adults. 

    Duration: 60 to 90 minutes 
    Number of sessions: 1
    Cost: Varies, call for more information 

    Contact Ann Wied for more information at awied@waukeshacounty.gov or (262) 548-7788
  • Civil Rights Statement: University of Wisconsin, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Wisconsin counties cooperating. An EEO/AA employer, University of Wisconsin-Extension provides equal opportunities in employment and programming, including Title VI, Title IX and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.