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4-H SPIN Clubs

Additional special interest 4-H opportunities.


What is a 4-H SPIN Club?

A SPIN club is a special interest 4-H club that focuses on shorter-term, higher-impact programming related to specific activities and skill development for youth with common interests or hobbies.Topics vary and include interests such as nature, heritage arts, science, engineering, gardening, technology, and more.

What is the time commitment?

SPIN clubs meet six or more times for at least one hour per session. The time commitment could be a number of weeks or months based on the frequency of the meetings. Meeting dates are set by the volunteer leader based on the availability of potential participants.

Who provides leadership for a 4-H SPIN Club?

SPIN clubs are led by volunteers who want to have a positive impact on the next generation of young people in their community by sharing their passion, experience, and knowledge. 

How do I join 4-H?

Find out how to join 4-H by going to the Join 4-H page.


The SPIN club model was designed by the University of Illinois Extension 4-H program and we work in affiliation with them to use their resources to widen the circle of positive youth development in 4-H.

Current & Upcoming Clubs

Muckey 4-H Cloggers

- Weekly, October-August

2018 Nature and Ecology
Organization (NEO)

- Monthly, March - October

Youth and Family Educator

James M. Boling, Jr.
(262) 548-7784

4-H Support Staff

Molly Ellis
(262) 548-7774


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