What We Do
    Purchasing is responsible for directing and coordinating the procurement of equipment,supplies and services required by Waukesha County. Program activities include:Managing County procurement policies; soliciting bids and proposals for goods and services; drafting, negotiating and administering procurement contracts; providing procurement support to departments; managing the reallocation or disposal of County surplus property.  

    Our Standards
    Purchasing will conduct itself ethically and fairly,without bias or prejudice in all relations with our suppliers. Purchasing personnel are expressly forbidden to accept gifts, gratuities, or favors from our suppliers.  We appreciate the spirit of goodwill in which business gifts are offered, but request incentive be expressed in terms of quality,service, and price in your products and services.

    Vendor Relations
    Purchasing contracts for over $30,000,000 of goods and services annually for Waukesha County.  We value our supplier relationships and appreciate the time and effort our vendor community takes to acquaint us with their products and services that might prove beneficial to our operations.  Our open bid and solicitation process ensures fairness, competition, and best value. Responsible vendors are encouraged to share in our many contracting opportunities.  

    Cooperative Purchasing
    Waukesha County actively participates in cooperative purchasing programs through V.A.L.U.E.(Volume Acquisition of Large Uniform Expenditures), an organization of local governmental agencies in southeastern Wisconsin.