• Permit Guide Procedures

  • Acknowledgments
    The Waukesha County Departments of Parks and Land Use and Public Works have prepared this Guide to Permits, Licensing and Development Services to help you understand the County’s development review and permitting processes. The Guide details the processes described in current editions of the Waukesha County Code, Wisconsin Administrative Rule and Wisconsin Statutes. This Guide will be periodically amended to reflect any changes to the processes. Since each project is different, we encourage you to contact the staff for assistance. We’re here to help you.

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    Mission Statement
    The mission of Waukesha County government is to serve its citizens by promoting their welfare, safety, health and quality of life. We are committed to the delivery of effective, courteous and fiscally responsible programs and services. Waukesha County should be a model for governmental partnerships.

    It should be noted that the provision of many programs and services are dictated by mandates and requirements of state and federal law.