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Food Recovery

Restaurants and food services can reduce waste, save disposal costs and benefit the community at the same time. Restaurants, hotels, and companies with foodservice operations can donate surplus food to the needy as part of their waste reduction programs. Establishing a food donation program is simple. Beyond the environmental and cost savings benefits of food donations, your company will have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped feed someone who otherwise might have gone hungry.

Consider the Food Pantry of Waukesha County!

Did you know?

  • 1 in 12 households in Wisconsin have an inadequate supply of food
  • Food waste is the second largest component of Wisconsin landfills
  • According to a USDA report, recovering 5% of food discards in America could feed an additional 4 million people each day.

There are two kinds of food donation programs that provide food to the needy:
Traditional food banks focus primarily on distributing large volumes of non-perishable food that is generally dried, canned, or prepackaged. Traditional food banks generally work with the food industry to distribute surplus food inventories or with institutions that hold "food drives" for the needy. Companies with excess nonperishable food may wish to contact a food bank for distribution.

Food Recovery Programs accept prepared and perishable food and redistribute small or larger volumes of freshly prepared foods and perishables to food pantries, shelters, meal sites, and group homes. In the past decade, food recovery programs have become an increasingly common way for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, schools and institutions, and others to donate surplus food to the needy.

The Food Pantry of Waukesha County, located at 215 West North Street in Waukesha, operates both kinds of donation programs and serves as a distribution hub for smaller food pantries in the county as well. They have large coolers and freezers and can store perishable food for distribution to outlying communities. 

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