Waukesha County

Paper and cardboard including mail, newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, egg containers, boxes etc. along with glass, metal and plastic containers are collected at private residences either weekly or biweekly by your hauler.  This applies also to apartment buildings not exceeding 4 units.  The frequency of service depends on the contract between your community and your hauler. 

If for some reason you wish to drop-off your paper, cardboard, or containers (such as excessive quantities after moving, etc.), we have a list of municipal drop-off sites in the County.  Some are only open to their own residents but others (those that are shaded) are open to all County residents.

Regardless of where you recycle your cardboard, please remember that cardboard has to be flattened and cannot exceed 4’ x3’.  Recycling plant conveyors cannot handle larger sizes of cardboard.

Tissue Paper is not recyclable and should be trashed.

Wrapping Paper & Gift Bags should be trashed since they are often decorated with glitter, plastic widgets, etc., which makes them unrecyclable.  The exception are plain (single or multi-colored) wrapping paper or gift bags, which can be put in your recycling bin/cart with your other recyclables.

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