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Crayon Recycle Program TM
LAF Lines, Ltd.
16830 Edgewood Ave.
Wayzata, MN 55391

This CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM TM is an "educational tool", a "doing your part for the Earth" project, and a community service. Be creative with this recycle program. A "Crayon Drive" can be organized by the kids and brought to a community level. Crayons are everywhere and every child has them. Just think about it for a minute, crayons are on the tables at many restaurants, in the dentist and doctor's office waiting rooms, on the floor in the buses, any place that kids hang out. Just provide a "drop-off" bin (a box works fine), put it in an easy to see location and let everyone know it's there and the purpose of your efforts. Now kids can recycle something of their very own! Crayons are a petroleum product, and it takes years to biodegrade. Please realize how important and necessary this CRAYON RECYCLE PROGRAM TM is for our environment. Since April 1993, LAF Lines, LTD. has collected over 15,000 pounds of unwanted crayons!!

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