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Certified Survey Maps are documents used for minor land divisions (land divisions that do not require a Subdivision Plat, as defined in the Wisconsin State Statutes and in the applicable local Land Division or Subdivision Control Ordinance if that is more restrictive), the reconfiguration of lot lines, or the combination of existing lots of record. Certified Survey Maps are recorded in the Register of Deed’s office, following approval by the local municipality and, if they are located within the shoreland areas of the unincorporated portion of Waukesha County (i.e. within 1,000 ft. of a navigable lake, pond, or flowage; within 300 ft. of a navigable river or stream; or within the 100-year floodplain, whichever is greater), by the Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use - Planning and Zoning Division in accordance with the Waukesha County Shoreland and Floodland Subdivision Control Ordinance.  Appendix D.pdfA Certified Survey Map located in an area that falls within the extra-territorial zoning jurisdiction of a city or village must also be approved by that city or village.

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