Waukesha County

COVID-19 Vaccine: Learn more at www.waukeshacounty.gov/vaccine

Closures, alerts, and notices pertaining to beaches, dog exercise areas, lake access points, recreational trails, park projects, and more will be posted on this page as necessary. If a notice hasn't been updated recently, that means there has been no change to the status as it is posted.

If you have any questions, please call Guest Services at 262-548-7801 Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:15 pm.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Information: 

Updated Fri., May 28, 2021

The Waukesha County Park System continues to follow CDC guidelines to protect employees and members of the public from the COVID-19 virus. Please enjoy parks, trails and facilities with respectful and responsible visits by following all park rules. Patrons should follow CDC guidelines when choosing activities.

Family and Group Campgrounds are open
Beer Gardens in the parks are open
Swimming Beaches are open
Golf Courses are open 
• Our staff reserves the right to temporarily restrict access to a park or specific areas and ask visitors to come back another time
• Visitors should pay the $6 daily entrance fee at park locations or have an annual park entrance sticker on their vehicle

For additional COVID-19 information in Waukesha County, visit: www.waukeshacounty.gov/COVID19

Mountain Bike Trails:

Updated on: Sat., July 24, 2021.

Minooka Park's Mountain Bike Trails are OPEN.

Dog Exercise Areas:

Updated on: Thurs., July 22, 2021
Menomonee Park's Dog Exercise Areas are OPEN. 
Minooka Park's Dog Exercise Areas are OPEN. 
Mukwonago Park's Dog Exercise Areas are OPEN.
Nashotah Park's Dog Exercise Areas are OPEN.   

Retzer Nature Center:

Updated on: Fri., July 9, 2021

Project Updates: The Discover Trail Project Area at Retzer Nature Center will be temporarily closed for construction starting July 12th (see Trail Map). We will be working on improvements to this area through mid-fall 2021. Learn more about the project.

New Berlin Recreation Trail Brush Mowing Operations:

Updated on: Mon., July 12, 2021

Brush mowing along the trail edges and at intersections will be in operation through July 23. Trail access will be limited. Please keep clear of the mower while operating and do not approach (stay at least 300 feet away at all times).  The equipment will start on the west end and travel east along the trail. 

Bugline Trail: 

Updated on: Wed., July 21, 2021
Trail users should be aware of the "Cars on Main" Event in Lannon on Sunday, July 25 from 7 am - 3 pm. The Bugline Trail will stay open for use, please be aware of event attendees where the trail crosses Main Street in the vicinity of Main Street and Lannon Road in the Village of Lannon.

Menomonee Park Beach Lifeguard Staffed Hours:

Updated on: Fri., July 16, 2021.

Lifeguard Staffed Hours at Menomonee Park Beach will end sooner than August 15 due to lifeguard staffing schedules. Menomonee Park Beach will operate with Swim At Your Own Risk (SAYOR) hours beginning Saturday, July 17 through the end of the beach season on Sunday, September 26.

For a detailed schedule of hours, visit https://www.waukeshacounty.gov/swimming

BeacWater Quality & Conditions

Waukesha County Park System consistently monitors our beaches for E. coli bacteria and blue-green algae during the swim season.
Waukesha County is committed to giving our customers the best experience at our beaches.  

Routine water sampling for bacteria is performed by Waukesha County Staff and the results are posted below. 

A visual check is performed for blue-green algae. If blue-green algae is suspected, the beach would be closed and sampling would be conducted with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the results would be posted below. Additional information about blue-green algae.

Water quality, Swimmer's Itch, and weather may all be factors in your beach planning. Always consider that weather conditions can change quickly. 

Water Quality Results

Good ≤ 235
Under Advisory =236-999
Poor ≥ 1000

Testing is based on E. coli colonies per 100 ml.


Status Condition Water Quality Sample Tested On

Fox Brook Park





Menomonee Park



07 7/19/21
Minooka Park Open Good 32 7/19/21
Muskego Park Open Good 13 7/19/21
Mukwonago Park Open Good 42 7/19/21
Naga-Waukee Park Open Good 0 7/19/21

Menomonee Park - Dog Exercise Area Project:

Updated on: Thur., July 22, 2021
The Dog Exercise Area is now OPEN for use. Read more about this project.

Muskego Park:

Updated on: Tues., July 13, 2021

Sections of the main park entrance, road and adjacent ditches will be CLOSED for re-construction, please watch for cones and signage indicating closures. Park and park facility access will be maintained during construction. Re-construction work is anticipated to be completed by July 23, 2021.

Muskego Park Insect Research:

Updated on: Mon., June 14, 2021

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will be conducting insect sampling utilizing small traps hung throughout the park in an effort to detect the presence of non-native insects.

Traps will be placed at Muskego Park from June 2021 until mid-September 2021 and sampled every 2-3 weeks. Traps are hung in trees and are clearly marked. Please do not disturb the traps as they are part of an active ongoing study.

Pewaukee Lake Access:

Updated: Mon., June 7, 2021

The Pewaukee Lake Access boat launch and site will be closed for construction beginning September 20, 2021. Read more about this project.

Eble Ice Arena:

Updated on: Fri., May 28, 2021

Eble Park Ice Arena is temporarily CLOSED for a mechanical project. We are working to reopen as soon as possible.

Nashotah Park Entrance Native Prairie Restoration:

Updated on: Fri., November 6, 2020

The turf along the entrance road in Nashotah Park being converted from non-native cool season grass into a native prairie planting that will sustainably benefit a variety of pollinators and other wildlife. Learn more about this Parkland Conservation project.

Bridle Trails:

Updated on: Mon., July 19, 2021

Menomonee Park Bridle Trails are OPEN

Minooka Park Bridle Trails are OPEN. 

Muskego Park Bridle Trails are OPEN.

Ryan Park Bridle Trails are OPEN