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Environmental Education Programs

Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use is a network of several divisions that are dedicated to providing comprehensive environmental education opportunities for Waukesha County residents. Through collaboration, cooperation, and communication, the Waukesha County Environmental Education Team is working to develop inquiry-based, active learning programs for children and families.

The goals of the Waukesha County Environmental Education Team include:
• Improving the quality, access and coordination of environmental education information, resources, and programs.
• Promote the use of environmental education in schools and communities to improve academic achievement and stewardship.
• Increase the capacity of Waukesha County to develop and deliver comprehensive environmental education programming.
• Promote collaborative and creative thinking, decision making, and communication for active and meaningful learning both in schools and over a lifetime.
• To increase environmental awareness, knowledge and skills that will allow citizens to make informed decisions and take responsible action. 

The Waukesha County Environmental Education Team is working for you and leading the way through comprehensive environmental education programming.



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Our philosophy:
At Retzer Nature Center, our goal is to teach students the workings of the local land system while they strive to make personal connections to nature. Such an approach is the best way to foster an early understanding and appreciation for the land, one that will last a lifetime.

Our approach: We use a two-layer teaching approach in all of our programs. First we use a hands-on activity that encourages students to touch, smell, listen to, and observe the natural world around them. Naturalists then take this opportunity to interpret and expand on specific ecological concepts.

There are many educational programs to choose from, for all age levels. Please take a look at our school guide (for teachers) and feel free to contact us with any questions.
For program information and registration please call (262) 970-6680.


We offer a selection of programs to earn badges, pins and belt loops for Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. For program information, see our public guide and call the Nature Center at 262-970-6680 to register.


Retzer Nature Center is an accessible facility for all visitors from the paved Adventure trail with handrails to our adjacent gardens and observations areas located around the building. We strive to provide quality learning and enjoyment to the public as they explore the outdoors and scenic surrounding on each visit. We also offer a variety of programs both here at the Nature Center and for traveling to your facility. Please take a look at our "Nature Wonders Renewed" program guide for available programming.


Learn what is a native plant and what is an invasive species with our "Weeding the Way' Manual.

Environmental Learning Center Hours: 8-4:30pm
Retzer Nature Center Ground Hours: Sunrise to 10pm (Year-Round)
There is no Daily Entrance Fee at Retzer Nature Center
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