Waukesha County

Stormwater Permit Submittal for a Small Site (<1 acre) - No Stormwater Management Plan
The following is an outline of the required contents of a submittal for a development of approximately 1 acre or less. It is assumed that the requirements for a stormwater management plan are not triggered (i.e. little or no impervious surface is being created, and the plan is basically for grading). Links to example documents or essential references are highlighted in blue:

1. Required for a complete initial submittal:

a. Permit application form (writeable)
b. Permit review fee (see fee schedule)
c. Erosion control narrative (writeable)
d. Erosion Control Plan (Guide for homebuilders)

2. Additional requirements to obtain a permit:

a. Financial Assurance (fee schedule, example receipt) (may be submitted earlier)
b. Signed Plan Implementation Sign-Off form