Waukesha County

Storm drains connect our streets with our local waterways. Water that enters the storm drain is not filtered or cleaned in any way - just delivered to the nearest river or lake. It takes with it many pollutants that run off our lawns, driveways, and streets such as pet waste, grass clippings, fertilizers, pesticides, oil and many more.

In this picture, students are painting the message "Dump no Waste, Drains to River" with a fish outline by neighborhood storm drains to help educate residents about the storm drain connection. Waukesha County Land Resources Division can provide your classroom or group with paint, safety vests, stencils, wire brushes and educational door hangers - all you supply is the manpower!

To reserve your equipment, call (262) 896-8305. The temperature needs to be at least 50 degrees to apply the paint.