Waukesha County

Scout Animal Adaptations Hike

Meet the Retzer teaching animals! Make observations and see how an animal’s physical and behavioral traits can help it to survive as we explore the concepts of habitat and survival. Head outside to the Retzer Trails where we will look for animals, evidence of animals and explore how animals use their adaptations to survive in the wild.

$6.00 per scout, per program, minimum of 20 scouts per program required. Programs must be paid in full at time of booking. Programs must be scheduled to begin at or before 4 or 4:30 pm (depending on season), Mon.-Thurs. (An occasional Fri. or Sat. date may be available.)
Minimum 1 chaperone per 10 scouts. No charge for chaperones.

Duration: 90 minutes
Fee: Yes
Offered: Year Round
Location options: Retzer Nature Center

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