Waukesha County

Household Elf Badge

Learn how to make your home clean and green by making a non-toxic cleaner. Discover the importance of Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle and take away tips to save water and energy at home to earn your badge. When held at Retzer Environmental Learning Center, take an interactive recycling exhibit tour. In the exhibit space, Girl Scouts will visit the eco-house, load recyclables into the truck, operate the mini-recycling facility, deliver recyclables to remanufacturers, and discover how they become new products ready for store shelves (add 30 minutes to program duration).

Available for most Waukesha County troops. Minimum of 20 scouts in attendance required.
Not enough Girl Scouts to host a program?  Check out our Scout Nights for more opportunities.

Duration: 30 minutes
Fee: No
Offered: Year Round
Location options: At-Public Meeting Place, Retzer Nature Center

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