Waukesha County

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Crystal's Clean Water Adventure

Join Crystal, the clean water drop, on an adventure to learn how the things we do at our homes can pollute our lakes and streams through runoff.  Learn what creatures live in our waters and how pollution affects them.  Students will understand how their actions matter for clean water.

Maximum of 30 participants.

Standards: EHS1.c.1.e, EHS1.c.2.e, EHS1.c.3.e, NR2.c.1.e, ESS3.a.1.e, ESS3.a.2.e, SCI.ESS3.c.k, ELS.C1.A, ELS.EX3.C, ELS.EX5
Duration: 45 minutes
Fee: No
Offered: School Year
Location options: Retzer Nature Center

Grade 4-5 program listing