Waukesha County

Composting: Working with Worms

Observe and examine nature’s recyclers – worms! Discover the natural resources that are critical for worms and other decomposers to make compost. Students will observe and assess worm anatomy, behavior, and castings with the aid of magnifiers while also locating worm eggs and other decomposers that share their home and job duties. When held at Retzer Environmental Learning Center, students will learn what it means to close the composting loop during our interactive exhibit tour (add 15 minutes to the program duration)!

Minimum of 15 participants required, maximum of 30 participants.

Standards: 3-LSI-1, LSI.C, B.8.20, F.4.1, F.4.2, F.4.3, F.4.4
Duration: 45 minutes
Fee: No
Offered: School Year
Location options: At School Program, Retzer Nature Center

Grade 2-3 program listing