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Animal Adaptations - Indoor Program

Enjoy a visit from the Retzer teaching animals inside Retzer Nature Center! See how an animal’s physical and behavioral traits can help it to survive as we explore the concepts of habitat and adaptation. Add on the Create a Critter Activity where students will draw a critter with unique traits to illustrate how their critter will function and survive in its habitat, the Adaptation Hike where students will explore how animals use their adaptations to survive in the wild, or the Owl Pellet Dissection where students will discover how and what owls eat.

Choose your preferred topic:
• Retzer Animal Ambassadors
• Insects
• Reptiles & Amphibians
• Birds

Ages 5 - 12

1 hour or 1.5 hours with the 30 minute add-on option
Add-on options: Critter Activity, Adaptation Hike, or Owl Pellet Dissection ($3/pellet)

1 hour program: $3.00 per student 
(Minimum of 10, maximum of 60)

1.5 hour program: $4.00 per student
(Minimum of 10, maximum of 60)

Duration: 60 minutes
Fee: Yes
Offered: Summer
Location options: Retzer Nature Center

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