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Employee Preparedness

There are lots of things to consider when assessing your preparedness as an employee:

  • What if you are required to stay beyond your normal shift?
  • What if the road conditions are too bad for you to get to work or to leave work?
  • What if you are considered an “essential employee” and must report to work?
  • Do you have child care arrangements?
  • Do you have pet care arrangements?
  • Do you have extra medications at work?
  • What if your family needs to leave home and you are required to stay at work?
  • What if your neighborhood is barricaded and you cannot get back into it? 

Families should have an emergency plan that identifies an out of town contact that all family members can reach and check in with. It can be easier to place a call outside your area rather than a local call when lines are overwhelmed due to a disaster. Texting (SMS) is often more successful than placing a phone call when cellular networks are becoming overwhelmed. Emergency plans should also identify locations that family members could gather at if separated or coming from different locations. A nearby reunification location as well as a location outside of the immediate area is recommended. A list of household members and their cell phone numbers is also recommended. You might not remember a person’s cell phone number in an emergency if it is not written down. Do not forget about your pets. Someone needs to take care of them in your absence, or you need supplies to care for them if they will be with you.


Check and improve your preparedness using Waukesha County’s Employee Emergency Planning form.

Click here to access a checklist for creating an Emergency Supply Kit