Waukesha County



A Safe County

A county in which citizens and their family members can live, work, play and travel safely. A safe county takes extra precautions to care for children and vulnerable citizens, and protects the water we drink and the food that we eat.


The mission of Waukesha County government is to promote the health, safety and quality of life of citizens while fostering an economically vibrant community. We are committed to delivering effective, high quality programs and services in a courteous and fiscally prudent manner.

Leading the way with quality and value.

Maintain aggressive response to illegal narcotics traffic through continued oversight of in the Metropolitan Drug Enforcement Unit.

Accomplish initiatives in all five phases of Emergency Management, (Mitigation – Prevention – Preparedness – Response – Recovery) through a matrix of activities involving Planning, Training, Exercises, Public Education, Incident Response, Grant Management, and Administrative functions while engaging partner agencies at the federal, state, county, municipal and non-governmental/private sectors

Protect the health and safety of citizens, by effectively and efficiently responding to emergencies by annually assessing employees emergency preparedness skills and knowledge and provide quarterly employee training to address identified gaps. Through an annual HHS Survey, 80% of employees will agree they are prepared to respond.

HHS Details

Objective Owner:  Health and Human Services: Public Health Division and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Measure 2015 Estimate 2016 Goal
Number of Trainings   4
Percentage of Employees Responding to the Survey   75%
Percentage of Employees Responding Affirmatively   70%

Provide a safe and well-maintained transportation network.

DPW Details

Objective Owner:  Public Works

Provide for year-round safety of customers and employees at the County Government Center Campus and Park System Facilities.

County & PLU Details

Objective Owner:  Parks and Land Use, Park System Division, Enterprise Operation and Risk Management

Measure Year 2014 Benchmark Year 2015 Goal Year 2016 Goal
Average Pavement PCI Rating> 70 >71 PCI  >71 PCI  >71 PCI
Full-time staff certified in life safety training 100%  100%  100% 
Food Service inspections with no Risk violations  67%  100%  100%