Waukesha County



Cost Effective Services Delivered with Competence and Skill

A county that has a well-trained and professional staff that understand they are hired to serve the public.

The mission of Waukesha County government is to promote the health, safety and quality of life of citizens while fostering an economically vibrant community. We are committed to delivering effective, high quality programs and services in a courteous and fiscally prudent manner.

Leading the way with quality and value.

Department of Parks and Land Use — Land Information Systems Division

Objective: Create a web based system for delivery of land information to County staff and the general public which is efficient and user friendly.

Measurement: 90% of survey respondents will strongly agree or somewhat agree with the statement, “I find this Waukesha County mapping application to be useful.”

County Executive’s Office

Objective: Effectively integrate strategic goals and objectives into the annual County budget process, staff goals and performance evaluations.

Measurement: Through the annual employee survey, ensure that a minimum of 80% of the County Executive’s Office staff understands how their work and assigned goals directly contribute to the overall success of the County in meeting its key strategic priorities.