Waukesha County

In Waukesha County we commit to the highest levels of customer service. Our team is dedicated to serving all customers by living our core values, standards of service, and behaviors of excellence.

The Waukesha County Standards of Service Excellence were rolled out in December, 2017, after completion of the county’s three-year strategic plan update.

The new Standards are a modern, updated version of Waukesha County’s traditional County Values. The Standards of Service Excellence maintain the core principles of the County Values, while further defining Waukesha County’s company culture and values to fully represent employees at all levels of county government. 

Teamwork & Collaboration
Committing to working constructively with team members, to produce excellent results.
• Collaborate with an open mind
• Respect the ideas of others
• Seek mutually beneficial solutions
• Display confidence in self and colleagues

Ethics & Diversity
Cultivating and maintaining trust and accountability through transparency, honesty, and respect.
• Value a diverse population
• Seek opportunities to be inclusive
• Show appreciation for individual experiences
• Maintain professional conduct

Being open to the possibilities of new concepts, processes, and procedures that have the potential to positively benefit our customers, both internal and external.
• Educate internal and external customers
• Be creative to solve problems
• Share resources from outside our organization
• Foster an environment that encourages new ideas

Conveying information in a way that meets the needs of all individuals.
• Share appropriate information openly
• Actively listen and share information while being clear and descriptive
• Inform and encourage feedback from colleagues

Efficiency & Cost Savings
Providing cost effective service to those we serve, while maintaining accuracy and timeliness.
• Engage in quality assurance reviews
• Be mindful of time and expenses
• Welcome suggestions for improvements


Supporting and promoting the health and safety of all individuals.
• Seek support in tough situations
• Commit to safety and awareness of environment
• Foster self-care and professional growth