Waukesha County

Bridges Library Board of Trustees

The Bridges Library System is a state funded library system in southeastern Wisconsin. Founded in 1981 as the Waukesha County Federated Library System it transitioned to a two county system on January 1, 2016 when Jefferson County joined and the name was changed to Bridges Library System. The library system provides services to its 24 member libraries. The Bridges Library Board of Trustees is comprised of Waukesha County and Jefferson Community members.

Term Length

3 years


Bridges Library Board of Trustee Documents

Waukesha County Members

Term Expiration

Jim Heinrich* 1/2022
Dick Nawrocki 1/2020
Larry Nelson* 1/2022
Howard Pringle 1/2020
Amy Reichert 1/2021
Rose Sura  1/2022
Nancy Wilhelm 1/2021
Jean Yeomans 1/2021

*indicates Waukesha County Board Supervisor