Waukesha County

Airport Operations Commission

The Airport Operations Commission is responsible for reviewing, advising and assisting Airport management on airport improvements and master plans, proposed capital improvements, annual airport budget, airport rules and regulations and airport operational procedures. The Airport Operations Commission responds airport user comments regarding the airport operations. The Airport Operations Commission also acts as a liaison to the County Executive and County Board on all matters concerning the Airport construction, improvements, equipment, maintenance and operations, including the establishment of fees or charges for the use of the airport as well as advise on matters relating to local, state and federal rules and regulations regarding airport operations.


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Term Length
4 Years (no more than two consecutive terms)

Agenda / Minutes

ADRC Meeting Documents 

Members  Term Expiration
Christine Howard*  8/2017
Judie Berthelsen  8/2017
Monty Johnson 8/2017
Patricia Carriveau 8/2018
Elaine Ludka  8/2018
Susan Schweda 8/2018
Robert Franklin 8/2018
William Zaborowski* 8/2019
Maria Cizel   8/2019
Margaret Gamez   8/2019
Carla Friedrich  8/2019
Sandra Heberling  8/2019
Paulette LaMountain  8/2019


*indicates Waukesha County Board Supervisor