Waukesha County

Executive Committee

The committee membership consists of the County Board Chair and the six standing committee chairs. The committee oversees the county's five year Capital Plan, Federated Library System, UW-Extension, County Executive appointments, Internal Audit and state and federal legislative matters. 


Chair: Paul L. Decker
Keith Hammitt, 1st Vice-Chair
James A. Heinrich, 2nd Vice Chair
Tyler J. Foti
Larry Nelson
Jacob LaFontain
Peter M. Wolff, Secretary 


County Code for Executive Committee

Executive Committee Agendas and Minutes

Finance Committee

Oversees the Department of Administration, County Treasurer and reviews the annual county budget submitted by the County Executive


Chair: James A. Heinrich
Larry Bangs
Jim Batzko
Darryl J. Enriquez
Joel R. Gaughan, Vice-Chair
Richard Morris, Secretary
Gary J. Szpara


County Code for Finance Committee

Finance Committee Agendas and Minutes

Health and Human Services Committee

Oversees the Department of Health and Human Services in the following divisions and areas: Administrative Services, Adolescent & Family, Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC), Children & Family, Clinical Services, Public Health, IT Business Application Support, Veterans Services, Mental Health Center, Compliance and Public Information


Chair: Peter M. Wolff
Larry Bangs 
Jennifer Grant
Johnny Koremenos
Thomas J. Schellinger
Jeremy Walz, Vice-Chair
Matthew E. Weil, Secretary


County Code for Health & Human Services Committee

Health & Human Services Committee Agendas and Minutes

Human Resources Committee

Oversees the departments of the County Board, County Executive, Corporation Counsel and County Clerk 


Chair: Larry Nelson
Michael A. Crowley, Vice-Chair
Darlene M. Johnson
Brian Meier
Chris Mommaerts
Terry Thieme
Jeremy Walz, Secretary


County Code for Human Resources Committee

Human Resources Committee Agendas and Minutes

Land Use, Parks and Environment Committee

Oversees the Register of Deeds and the Department of Parks and Land Use which includes the county park system, golf courses, planning and zoning, land and water conservation, environmental health, community development and recycling


Chair: Tyler J. Foti
Jennifer Grant, Vice-Chair
Christine M. Howard
Robert L. Kolb
Brian Meier
Chris Mommaerts, Secretary
Gary J. Szpara

County Code for Land Use, Parks & Environment Committee

Land Use, Parks & Environment Committee Agendas and Minutes

Judiciary and Law Enforcement Committee:

Oversees the departments of Sheriff, Medical Examiner, District Attorney, Emergency Preparedness and Clerk of Courts


Chair: Jacob LaFontain
Michael A. Crowley
Robert L. Kolb
Johnny Koremenos
Thomas J. Schellinger
Terry Thieme, Secretary
Matthew E. Weil


County Code for Judiciary & Law Enforcement Committee

Judiciary & Law Enforcement Committee Agendas and Minutes

Public Works Committee

Oversees the Department of Public Works which includes highway and engineering services, airport operations and transit services


Chair: Keith Hammitt
Jim Batzko
Darryl J. Enriquez
Joel R. Gaughan
Christine M. Howard, Secretary 
Darlene M. Johnson
Richard Morris, Vice-Chair

County Code for Public Works Committee 

Public Works Committee Agendas and Minutes