Waukesha County

Working with our communities to promote environmental stewardship, provide research and educational opportunities, and create healthier natural areas throughout Waukesha County.

Become a Citizen Scientist Volunteer

Help gather data on wildlife species within the Park System to assist in making sure that common species remain common and that rare, threatened, and endangered species are protected. This data will also help our staff plan and prioritize their land management and habitat restoration efforts. Monitors are trained to use protocols to gather and record data in the field. For some projects, monitors may work independently or with trained personnel.

For any project, attendance at a training program is required and all equipment will be provided. No prior experience required. Questions? Email our Conservation Biologist.

Phenology Hikes

Study animal and plant life in the parks and add observations to iNaturalist.org project - Wild in Waukesha.

Bumble Bees • Butterflies • Dragonflies & Damselflies
Raising Galerucella Beetles

Monitor bats in the parks with high-tech detectors.


Document breeding and migratory birds in natural areas.

Snakes • Turtles