• Child Health

    Public Health Nurses are available to help in the following areas:

    Well Child/Healthcheck Exam

    What is it?
    Well child and HealthCheck screenings are complete preventive health check-up services for children. Public health nurses screen children for health concerns as well as growth and development. Referrals are made to medical providers for follow-up on areas of concern.

    Who is eligible?
    • Well child exam: Any child residing in Waukesha County is eligible for well child exams.
    • HealthCheck: Children on Medical Assistance or Healthy Start are eligible for HealthCheck exams based on a standard schedule for age. HealthCheck exams meet the physical exam requirements for Head Start.

    Where do I go?
    Well child and HealthCheck screenings are offered as a Walk-in Service. HealthCheck screenings are also offered at certain WIC clinics for WIC participants. For more information please call 262-896-8430.

    High Risk Child Services

    What is it?
    Public health nurses provide periodic home visits to families with newborns and children with medical needs. Services include:

    • Health assessment
    • Screening for normal growth and development
    • Parenting and child care education
    • Referral to community resources
    • Answers to child health questions
    • Case management

    Who is eligible?

    Families in Waukesha County with high-risk children, for example:

    • Premature infants
    • Children with medical conditions
    • Issues regarding growth and development

    Where do I go?
    Telephone referrals to Public Health can be made by calling 262-896-8430. Referrals can be faxed to 262-896-8387.

    Children can be seen as a Walk-in Service or for WIC participants at WIC clinic.

    Go to our Children's Hospital link for more information on child health.

    Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

    Many homes and apartments built before 1978 have lead paint or varnish on the walls, woodwork, windows and floors. Lead can harm children. Children under six years old can easily be poisoned by dust or chips from lead paint. If they play near windows and other places with worn-out or damaged paint, they can get lead dust on their fingers and toys. When they swallow lead dust it can cause illness. It can also cause problems with learning, growth and behaviors that can affect them their entire life. Even small amounts of lead can be harmful. Children living or spending time in older homes should be tested for exposure to lead.

    Lead Screening 

    What is it?
    • A blood test by a finger stick.
    • Results are returned to Public Health usually within two weeks.
    • A letter is sent notifying parents/guardians of the results.

    Who is eligible?
    Any child residing in Waukesha County is eligible for a screening test.

    Where do I go?
    Children must be WIC participants and are screened at WIC clinic. For more information please call 262-896-8430.

    Lead Poisoning Care Coordination 

    What is it?
    Public health nurses provide care coordination for children who have been lead poisoned. Services include:
    • Health assessment
    • Growth and developmental evaluation
    • Education about treatment and prevention
    • Home environmental lead assessment and recommendations from Waukesha County's Environmental Health Lead Paint Website

    Who is eligible?
    Any child residing in Waukesha County with an elevated blood lead level.

    If further information is desired, please contact the Public Health Division at 262-896-8430, or toll-free at 1-800-540-3620

    If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact a medical professional or call 911.