• BEACH ALERTS - 2017 season

    Beach Open Dates:
    Swim At Your Own Risk Beaches: May 26, 2017
    Lifeguard Beaches: June 3, 2017

    Alert: None 

    Please check here as you prepare your trip to the beach. Water quality, swimmer's itch and weather may all be factors in your beach planning. Always consider that weather conditions can change quickly.

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  • Beach Water Testing

    Water quality samples are taken Monday mornings for every location and Wednesday mornings for Fox Brook and Menomonee, and also every time there is at least ½ inch of rainfall.

    Beaches are closed and signage will be posted when a sample has an E. coli count greater than 1000. An additional sample will be taken immediately and the beach will reopen only when a count is below 1000.

    Beaches are under "Advisory" if a sample has an E. coli count over 235, "Advisory" signage will be posted. An additional sample will be taken immediately and the beach advisory will remain in place until the E. coli level is reported to be less than 235 cfu/100mL. "Advisory" is in effect when counts exceed the EPA’s good water quality guidelines, but does not warrant closing the beach at that time.

    Testing is based on E. coli colonies per 100ml
    < = Less Than 
    > = Greater Than 
    ns = No Sample
    Sample DateFox Brook Menomonee Minooka Muskego Mukwonago  Naga-Waukee
    5/2219 04 02 22 05 03