Waukesha County

SECURITY SCREENING (Controlled Access Screening)

Members of the public who will be visiting either the Courthouse or Administration Center must enter and exit the facilities through the main Courthouse entrance, 515 W. Moreland Blvd, Door #2. Screening will take place in the lobby of the Courthouse. A corridor near the Courthouse lobby connects both buildings together. Hours of operation are 7:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday excluding holidays when the facilities are closed. Additional screening will occur at this location when the facilities are open after hours.

The screening station is similar to those used at airports. Individuals will place their carried items (purses, cell phones, laptop computers, briefcases, etc.) on an X-ray machine belt. They also will have to remove any metal items from their clothing and pockets and place them in a bin to be inspected. They will then walk through a metal detector and retrieve their belongings on the other side. Security staff are prepared to assist persons with disabilities or other needs.

The following items are prohibited in the building: 

firearms explosives knives mace/pepper spray
pellet/BB guns flammables box cutters brass knuckles
replica firearms electric weapons razor blades tools (unless authorized)
ammunition martial arts weapons swords/sabers other dangerous instruments

 Security staff are authorized to use their discretion in disallowing items not included on the above list if they believe the item could pose a danger to the safety and security of persons within the building.  If a person brings a prohibited item to the screening station, the individual will be given the option of removing the item from the building or disposing of it in a non-retrievable disposal box.  Anyone found in possession of an illegal item faces possible charges.  If inappropriate statements pertaining to weapons, bombs, etc. are made by people entering the building, such persons may face possible charges.