Waukesha County

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The County regularly issues Bids and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) when in need of goods or services.  Our online website is used to solicit bids and proposals.  While vendors can download the documents and submit hard copy bids/proposals as outlined below, we encourage our vendor community to register on our website and submit bids/proposals electronically.

Bids/RFPs Listing documents can be found on our online purchasing website at: Bid/RFPs list

Electronic Submission of bids/proposals can be made through our online purchasing website at no cost to vendors.  To receive email notifications of solicitations related to your service offerings and/or be able to respond to Bids/RFPs electronically, you must register on our website as further explained under Vendor Registration.  Be sure to allow sufficient time to register, become familiar with the system, and ensure compatibility with your system so you are able to respond by the Bid/RFP due date/time.  

Hard Copy Submission of bids/proposals can be made after downloading the Bid/RFP documents online.  To submit a hard copy response you must print, complete, and either mail or hand deliver as follows:

All bid/proposals must be received and date stamped prior to the due date and time.  To hand deliver in person you must enter at the Courthouse Building, Door #2 main entrance, located at 515 W. Moreland Blvd and proceed to the Administration Center through the connecting hallway.  All bids/proposals must be date stamped by the receptionist in Room 320.  Be sure to allow sufficient time to gain entry into the building taking into consideration the Controlled Access policy the County has in place for all building visitors which includes a screening for weapons and other prohibited contraband.

Purchasing Website resources are available at no cost to vendors.  All pending solicitations are listed on our website as well as results and a limited archive base.  If you download a Bid/RFP, be sure to download all attachments and current amendments.  It is the responsibility of each respondent to acquire, include and respond to all amendments.  Amendments may be issued at any time subsequent to the publishing of a Bid/RFP.  Therefore, vendors must check the website for the most current information up until the time of Bid/RFP closing. 

Waukesha County Purchasing Division
Administration Center, Room 310
515 W. Moreland Blvd.
Waukesha, WI 53188
Waukesha County
Administration Center, Room 320
515 W. Moreland Blvd.
Waukesha, WI 53188

Each Bid/RFP contains the specification, procurement requirements, and terms and conditions governing the contract to be awarded.  Vendors should carefully read the entire Bid/RFP documents and review their response prior to submission to ensure it meets the requirements of the Bid/RFP.  Awarded vendors will be held responsible for understanding the contents of the Bid/RFP and performing accordingly.  By submitting a response, the vendor acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Bid/RFP and associated contract.

All Bids/RFPs identify a specific closing date and time.  Vendors may review and change their bids/proposals up until the closing date/time.  Thereafter, the system will not allow any other activity to occur in response to the Bid/RFP, whether it be to complete a response that is in process or to begin a response.  It is the vendor’s responsibility to assure that all responses are finalized and submitted in their entirety prior to the closing date and time.

Vendor responses are maintained in a secure, electronic file.  To maintain the integrity of the sealed bid process, prior to the Bid/RFP closing, only the responding vendor can see their draft or final response.  Purchasing staff are only able to tell that a vendor has entered the system and has a draft or final response in the system.  Purchasing staff cannot actually view the draft or final response.  It is only after the Bid/RFP closing time that Purchasing staff can view final responses.   No other vendors are able to view other Bids/RFPs until the procurement process is complete, award made, and contract finalized.  Bid tabulations are typically available within 10 days after opening date.  RFP tabulations are typically available 60-90 days after opening date.

Questions related to the website or how to utilize it should be directed to the Purchasing Division at 262-548-7888 or by email at purchasing@waukeshacounty.gov. Questions related to an actual Bid/RFP should be directed to the Buyer as indicated in the Bid/RFP documents.