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    Planning & Zoning Permits2017 Fees
    Accessory Buildings (New or Remodel)$100.00
    Airport Height Permit$150.00
    Board of Adjustment$625.00
    Conditional Uses with Plan of Operation$500.00
    Conditional Uses without Plan of Operation$450.00
    Decks, Patios, Signs, Pools, Other Impervious
    $  70.00
    Deed Restriction Drafting$  75.00
    EFD Zoning Permit Review Fee$200.00
    Floodplain Development in C-1 District$125.00
    Minor Grading$125.00
    Mitigation Plan Review$200.00 
    Multi Family Zoning Permit$200.00
    Multi-Family/Condos Conditional Use$450.00
    Multi-Family/Condos - $10.00 per unit fee$ 10.00
    New Residence$200.00
    New Industrial and Commercial Buildings/Cell Towers/Cellular Co-location$200.00
    Park and Planning Commission Authorization$200.00 
    Planned Unit Development Conditional Use$500.00
    Planned Unit Development - $10.00 per unit fee$ 10.00
    Quarry, Clean Fill Sites$500.00
    Release of Restriction Draft$125.00 
    Remodeling and/or Addition Principal Structure$150.00
    Shoreland Cutting Permit$150.00
    Site Plan/Plan of Operation$200.00
    Site Plan/Plan of Operation-Zoning Compliance for a NEW OPERATOR or OWNER REQUEST ONLY$ 75.00
    Subdivision Review Fees - Final (includes resubmittals)
    Subdivision Review Fees - Preliminary (includes resubmittals)$625.00
    Subdivision Review Fees/Per Lot - Preliminary Plat - 1st submittal$ 16.00
    Subdivision - Plat Forwarding $  60.00
    Subdivision Review Fees - Certified Survey Map$375.00
    Waukesha County Development Plan Amendment$500.00
    Zoning Amendments$500.00
    Application fees for "after-the-fact" permits double    

    Fees are established through the annual County budget process and are subject to change on a yearly basis. Please contact the Planning and Zoning Division for current fee amounts.