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  • For youth in 3rd grade thru 13th (one year out of high school), there are over one hundred different project types to choose from. (Youth under the age 12 may not take a shooting sport project involving any “powder burning firearms”).

    A “project” is simply a topic that youth can explore. In the Waukesha County Project Enrollment Guide, you’ll find project names and descriptions of what you can do on a wide variety of topics... from art to woodworking, from computers to rabbits, from clothing to small engines. You can choose to take any project listed in the Project Enrollment Guide, however, the amount of leadership provided by 4-H varies by project. There are three different types of projects:

    - County-wide projects are organized by 4-H leaders for the benefit of all 4-H youth in Waukesha County. Their meetings are open to everyone. E-mails with project information and meetings are sent to youth who sign up for a county-wide project when they enroll in 4-H. The meetings are usually published in the Clover Flyer and listed on the 4-H Calendar.

    - Club projects are organized by a leader within a 4-H club for youth in that 4-H club. The meetings for those projects are only promoted within the club.

    As no club or even county can possibly offer all the 4-H projects available, most projects can be taken as independent study. The youth would use 4-H literature and other resources to learn about and complete their project without meetings and 4-H leadership.

    No matter what type of leadership is provided, each 4-H member must work on and complete his or her own project.

    Youth in K5 thru 2nd grade are Cloverbuds. The projects numbers for Cloverbuds are Cloverbud 10351, 10352, or 10353, (under the umbrella of the Cloverbud project, they can explore most regular 4-H projects except animal and shooting sports), Aerospace 50001, and Bicycling 50201.

    Project Lists

    List of projects available in Waukesha County: Waukesha County Project List

    Project descriptions: Wisconsin Project Guide (this list reflects projects available across the state and may not necessarily be available in Waukesha County)

    County Wide Project Form

    Waukesha County Project Web Pages

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