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Hispanic Resource Center

Background of the Hispanic Resource Center (HRC):

The HRC is a community organization, working through Pro Health Care, that offers a variety of health services primarily for people with a Spanish language barrier. Health services include, but are not limited to; social workers, RN’s, health promoters, and nutrition and education classes.

Name, title, company:

Rachel Zuniga, Patient Care Advocate, Hispanic Resource Center

How long has the organization been with coalition?

R: Approximately 10 to 11 years

How does your organization fit in with coalition’s mission: to help reduce hunger and food insecurities in Waukesha Co.?

R: By attending meetings we are better able to refer clients to proper resources located within the city

What is the greatest achievement you have had/ seen within the coalition?

R: The growth of the coalition and the amount of active members

What is the greatest benefit of being a coalition member?

R: The presentation information, networking opportunities, and knowledge of available resources


Hispanic Resource Center
210 NW Barstow St, Waukesha, WI 53188
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