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Waukesha's West Side Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area

Neighborhood Improvement Planning Project Overview:

This project will develop a Neighborhood Planning Team in cooperation with groups, agencies and businesses around Waukesha Memorial Hospital to:

1) Update the Five-year West Side Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA) Strategic Plan

2) Create a process for ongoing West Side NRSA CDBG program coordination, implementation, oversight and evaluation for measurable neighborhood improvement outcomes.

The Neighborhood Planning Team will provide a leadership opportunity for residents and stakeholders to work together to update the West Side NRSA Five-Year Strategic Plan. Priority issues and neighborhood aspirations will be identified, neighborhood level data will be analyzed and public input will be welcomed. Using all of this information, the Planning Team will develop goals and objectives, a process for measuring outcomes and a timeline for implementation. Collaborations will be made with community partner organizations to support and address the West Side NRSA’s updated five-year strategic plan goals and objectives. Strategies will address the following:

1) Increase safety and neighborhood involvement

2.) Improve quality of housing

3) Support neighborhood business development

4) Increase private and public investment in the neighborhood.

What is the Purpose of a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area?

In the City of Waukesha, three neighborhoods are certified as a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Having the NRSA certification then allows for the designation of approximately 10% of the annual Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) dollars awarded in Waukesha County to be directly invested into NRSAs.

This public investment is then directed to focus on the following NRSA results:

1)Community commitment for building a stronger neighborhood
2)Increased public and private investment
3)Neighborhood participation to ensure economic benefits are reinvested
4)Stronger networks are developed between local government, agencies, businesses and neighborhood groups
5)The growth of resident-based initiatives are fostered to address housing, economic and service needs.
The three NRSAs identified in the City of Waukesha are: Haertel Field, designated in 1999; Phoenix Heights, 2000; and West Side in 2006. Each NRSA extends to the areas adjacent to downtown Waukesha. To receive a NRSA designation, the neighborhood must be 51%, or more low to moderate income, and must have developed and be working toward goals identified in a strategic plan.

What is the NRSAs Strategic Plan?

The NRSA Strategic Plan serves as a tool to maximize HUD investment and engage the community in the neighborhood improvement process.

The NRSA Strategic Plan is updated every five years. This is done in participation with area residents, elected officials, businesses, community organizations, schools and the faith community. This fall we are partnering with neighborhood stakeholders to update the West Side NRSA, the area around Waukesha Memorial Hospital.


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