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Awards and Record Books 

The Waukesha County 4-H Leaders' Association awards youth who invest themselves in the 4-H program through project work, club and county level leadership, and community service. These awards include various trips and college scholarships. A large component of the awards process is recording their efforts and contributions in a 4-H Record Book.


Record Books

 A 4-H Record Book is documentation of all 4-H activities at the club, county, and state level, in which a youth has attended and participated. This also includes community activities and the progress of a youth in each respective 4-H project. Many 4-H members will attest to the benefit and importance of Record Books and record keeping as they apply for higher education, prepare their resume, and submit applications for jobs.

Some 4-H clubs require members to keep Record Books, while some clubs do not. A yearly 4-H Record Book is required in order for a 4-H member to qualify for County Level awards, pins, higher education scholarships, or scholarships for awarded trips. 4-H Record Books should be filled out completely and accurately. Parents should oversee the member’s work, but the member must do his or her own writing or typing. Parents and project leaders should encourage each 4-H member to work on his or her Record Book throughout the year. Record books are to be reviewed by a club leader and ultimately the Awards and Scholarship Committee prior to qualifing for county level awards, pins, scholarships, or awarded trips.

For your reference attached below are the sheets that the Awards and Scholarship Committee use when reviewing Record books. 

4-H Achievement Medal Check Sheet 
4-H Citizenship Medal Check Sheet
4-H Leadership Medal Check Sheet 

4-H Project Honor Check Sheet
4-H Project Medal Check Sheet  

How to fill out your 4-H Record Book PowerPoint - May 2020 

How to fill out the 4-H Record Book

Your record book should include the following:

  1. The permanent record section with tally sheets. You build on this section yearly.
  2. Tally sheets from the current year and previous years.
  3. Project record sheets (and financial record sheet if required in that project) for each year you take the project.

Pages to Add to Your Record Book Every Year

 Complete 4-H Record Book (PDF)
 Complete 4-H Record Book (Word) 

 Individual 4-H Record Book Pages 


 Waukesha County Awarded Trips & Scholarships

Completing and turning in the Membership Evaluation (ME) forms by the end of August is the first step in applying for a trip award. The second step is an in-person interview conducted in October. For more information on the awarded trips click here. The following guidelines explain the use of the forms, who can apply, and the qualifications.

Club Nomination Form (PDF)

Club Nomination Form (WORD)

Participation Recognition Medals (PDF)

Participation Recognition Medals (WORD)

Member Awards Nomination Form (PDF)

Member Awards Nomination Form (WORD)

Awards & Scholarships Chart

Waukesha County Member Evaluation (ME) Guidelines

Higher Awards ME Form (PDF)

Higher Awards ME Form (WORD) 

First Year ME Form (PDF)

First Year ME Form  (WORD)

Workshop Scholarship Policy

Workshop Scholarship Application (PDF)

Workshop Scholarship Application (WORD)

Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Scholarship Form (PDF)

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Youth Awards Banquet 2018 

Youth Awards Banquet 2017

Higher Education Scholarships

Scholarship Application Requirements

The Waukesha County 4-H Leaders’ Association Association has budgeted up to $10,000 for scholarships to be awarded to qualifying 4-H members. Applications are evaluated by a selection committee based on: 20% Scholastic Achievement, 40% 4-H Club Achievement, 20% 4-H County Achievement, 10% 4-H State & National Achievement, and 10% for Community and non 4-H Achievement. If you qualify, you will receive a scholarship award from $100 to a maximum of $1000. Actual amount is proportional to the evaluation results. Scholarship awards will be announced at the Senior Member Recognition Event. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will receive an acknowledgement letter and form explaining additional requirements that must be met to receive the money. (See the sample letter and form for full details.)

Member Qualifications (Must meet all five qualifications)

  1. Be an active Waukesha County 4-H member for the current 4-H year (Calendar year applying for scholarship).
  2. Be a senior in high school or the year following graduation when applying. (You may choose to be a 4-H member for one more 4-H year following high school graduation)
  3. Completed at least three previous years (Sept. 1st to Aug. 31st) of Waukesha County 4-H membership.
  4. Completed and turned in a Record Book for each of these three prior years.
  5. Complete and turn in a Record Book for the current 4-H year to the 4-H office by the August due date that is selected by the Awards Committee.

Scholarship Application Documents

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