Waukesha County


There are 25 members of the Waukesha County Board of Supervisors, elected to two year terms in even numbered years from separate geographic districts with a population of approximately 15,596 per district. From its members the board elects a chairperson, first vice-chairperson and second vice-chairperson as officers of the county board. The county board is the legislative branch of Waukesha County government, guiding the direction of the county by setting policy. The County Board of Supervisors is authorized in the Wisconsin Statutes (Chapter 59) to exercise powers for a wide variety of local government activities. 

Supervisors set policy by establishing plans, approving ordinances, resolutions and reviewing the annual budget. Policy can best be described as the “what” and “why”, for instance if an activity will be funded and how it will benefit the public. 

The most important legislative activity of the board is reviewing and approving the annual Waukesha County budget as proposed by the County Executive.  As part of the budget process, the board, with the leadership of its Finance Committee, reviews operations and programming for all departments. The review determines what services will be provided, how they will be funded and at what level they will be funded. 


District 2: David D. Zimmermann

District 3: Richard Morris

District 4: Jim Batzko

District 5: Timothy Dondlinger

District 6: Jeremy Walz

District 7: Jennifer Grant

District 8: Thomas Michalski

District 9: Vice Chair James A. Heinrich

District 10: Second Vice Chair David Swan

District 11: Christine M. Howard

District 12: Peter M. Wolff         

District 13: Chair Paul L. Decker

District 14: Chuck Wood

District 15: William A. Mitchell

District 16: Michael A. Crowley

District 17: Duane E. Paulson

District 18: Larry Nelson

District 19: Kathleen M. Cummings

District 20: Thomas J. Schellinger

District 22: Ted Wysocki 

District 23: Keith Hammitt

District 24: Steve Whittow

District 25: Darlene M. Johnson

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