Waukesha County


BOARD YEAR 173-174

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District 2: David D. Zimmermann

District 3: Richard Morris

District 5: Timothy Dondlinger

District 4: Jim Batzko

District 6: Jeremy Walz

District 7: Jennifer Grant

District 8: Thomas Michalski

District 9: James A. Heinrich

District 10: David Swan

District 11: Christine M. Howard

District 12: Peter M. Wolff         

District 13: Chair Paul L. Decker

District 14: Chuck Wood

District 15: William A. Mitchell

District 16: Michael A. Crowley

District 17: Duane E. Paulson

District 18: Larry Nelson

District 19: Kathleen M. Cummings

District 20: Thomas J. Schellinger

District 22: Ted Wysocki 

District 23: Keith Hammitt

District 24: Steve Whittow

District 25: Darlene M. Johnson