• State Benefits

    The State of Wisconsin Dept. of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) offers an array of benefits for eligible veterans and their dependents and survivors.

    These include:

    • Education Programs
    • Employment Assistance
    • Entrepreneurial Training
    • Federal VA Claims Assistance
    • Help for the Homeless
    • Hunting & Fishing Licenses
    • Individual Income and Property Tax Benefits
    • Job Retraining Grants
    • Military Funeral Honors

    • Temporary Emergency Assistance
    • Aid to Needy Veterans
    • Aid to Military Families
    • Transportation to VA Medical Appointments
    • Troops to Teachers
    • Veterans and Military License
    • Plates, Driver Licensing, & Vehicle Registration
    • Wisconsin Veterans Cemeteries
    • Wisconsin Veterans Homes

  • Union Grove WI - Racine County

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