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    Last Updated on: March 31, 2017

    Proper conditions for grooming ski trails vary depending on amount of snow, current temperatures, wind, etc. Waukesha County monitors these conditions regularly in order to make sure we start the grooming process as soon as possible after or during a snow event. Updates to this page arrive once packed and tracked trails have been established. Thank you!

    Cross Country Ski Trails

            Conditions      Base      Groomed on 
     Menomonee Park •Closed     0" Not Packed/Tracked
     Minooka Park •Closed     0" Not Packed/Tracked
     Nashotah Park •Closed     0" Not Packed/Tracked

    Fox River Park, Muskego Park, and Retzer Nature Center have packed trails only for use by hikers, snowshoers, and cross-country skiers. These trails will not be tracked. At Menomonee, Minooka, and Nashotah Parks, hikers must remain on designated trails.

    Sledding Hills

            Conditions       Snow Cover
     Menomonee Park • Closed      0"
     Minooka Park •Closed      0"
     Mukwonago Park •Closed      0"
     Nashotah Park •Closed      0"

    Snowshoe Trails 

    Snowshoes are welcome on walking trails at all parks. Please follow the signs and stay on Winter Hiking Trails to minimize ski trail maintenance.

    Snowshoe rentals at Retzer Nature Center
    $9.00 all day  
    $5.50 half day  
     - For more information, phone 262-896-8007.

    Snowmobile Trails                              

    As of 3-12-2017 Trails are closed for the season.

    For trail conditions call the Waukesha County Snowmobile Association's Hotline at (414) 299-0330.  For information about snowmobile clubs in the Waukesha area, see the Waukesha County Snowmobile Association's website at  www.waukeshasnow.org. 

    Winter Hiking/ Dog Walking Trails 

    All Waukesha County Parks have dog walking trails, as well as Recreational Trails. (Sorry, no dogs allowed at Retzer Nature Center.) These trails are designated during the winter months to keep the groomed trails in the best condition possible. Follow the signs and stay on the designated trails.   
    Please observe standards for etiquette and safety: 
    • Pick up after your dog(s) 
    • Keep dog(s) leashed (6' max).