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  • Hiking

    Retzer has over 5 miles of trails for hikers to enjoy. Scenic landscapes and points of interest are found nestled throughout the trail system. Newly added informational trail signs and trail markings will assist you in discovering and learning about the history and ecology of the landscape. Use your smart phone to access additional information by scanning the QR codes listed on the trail signs.

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  • Family Trail Adventures

    Stop by the Front desk and pick up one of our Adventure Packs to turn what might be a boring walk into an exciting adventure for both you and your child. Each trail offers a unique experience throughout the year. Trail themes are specific to the area and are carried through the seasons. 

    Red trail - Forest Life, Blue trail- Pond Life, Green trail- Insect Life, Brown trail- Bird Life, and Orange trail- Four Senses

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  • Bird Watching

    Throughout the year, migratory birds stop over at Retzer. Spring brings the Woodcock (Brown Trail) with a beautiful mating display at dusk. The Bobolink (Yellow Trail) set up house in the alfalfa field south of the Vista. The Henslowe Sparrow (Yellow Trail) one of Wisconsin's Threatened Species can be found along side the Bobolink. Bluebirds nest along the various trails (Blue, Yellow and Entrance drive) in provided nest boxes.  Turkey, Cardinal, Tree Swallow, Finches and Meadowlark are just a few of the 200 species observed throughout the year. Our "Field of Dreams" (Green Trail) supports many Birds of Prey,who call the nature center home.  

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  • Geocaching / GPS

    Looking for a fun activity the whole family can enjoy. Try Geocaching at Retzer. There are currently a number of caches hidden throughout the nature center for you to find. Access the Geocache locations. 

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  • Snowshoeing

    Winter is a great time to get outdoors and go for a hike on snowshoes. No experience needed to participate in this activity. Snowshoe rental is available from December - February, with as little as 2 inches of snow on the ground. 
    Snowshoe Rental Fees: 1/2 day rental- $5.50, Full day rental - $9.00. Children under the age of 3, snowshoes are free with adult rental. 

    Sign up for a "Winter Wildlife on Snowshoes" class held most Saturdays in January and February. Naturalists will provide background on tracks and signs of the resident wildlife and then lead you on a snowshoe hike. See the Retzer calendar for specific class dates and times. 

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  • Photography

    A great location to capture truly wonderful photographs of wildlife, wildflowers and scenic landscapes. Retzer offer a diverse landscape which is home to unusual plant species, and unique wildlife waiting for your camera to catch their image. Travel the trails throughout the year to find fantastic snapshots worthy of any photo contest entry. 

    Don't forget about the Friends of Retzer Photography Contest and Reception held yearly on the first Sunday in November. Photo entry deadline is the Wednesday prior to the Reception date. Contest rules and entry form, Friends of Retzer Nature Center.