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What types of projects require a Zoning Permit?

A Zoning Permit is required for the following types of projects: New residential, commercial, industrial, public, private units; additions to or remodeling (interior/exterior) of existing structures; detached accessory buildings and/or structures of any size including but not limited to sheds, decks, patios, pools, signs, towers; new or replacement retaining walls; entrance gates/monuments; grading/landscaping activities; public or private projects in the floodplain (contact our office); shoreland cutting (refer to "cut/remove trees/vegetation FAQ); and structures/cranes within close proximity to the Waukesha County Airport (Crites Field).

It should be noted this list may not be a complete list. Please contact the Planning and Zoning Division at (262) 548-7790 if you have a question as to whether or not your project requires a Zoning Permit.

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