• Medicare Open Enrollment Workshop

    Please register below for the workshop. Open Enrollment is from 10/15-12/7.


    Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans will be changing their premiums, deductibles, copays and formularies for next year. October 15 – December 7th is your opportunity to make changes to your selection for the next year. If you submit a complete drug list at least one week prior to the workshop you will receive personalized information about the three lowest cost plans. Complete the online registration or call the ADRC to schedule at 262-548-7848.

    Plan comparison

    Medication Information:

    I have requested the Elder Benefit Specialist’s assistance facilitating my enrollment into a Medicare Advantage and/or Part D plan. I understand that the accuracy of the Planfinder depends upon the information given by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, as well as information I have provided to the Elder Benefit Specialist regarding my medications. The Medicare website is subject to revision and/or error. The most accurate information is available by contacting the plan directly.

    The Elder Benefit Specialist’s enrollment assistance into a plan is not a recommendation as to which plan is best for me. I have selected the plan that I believe best suits my needs and budget. I take full responsibility for this choice.

    I understand that any and all follow-up matters with this plan are my responsibility. If I have reason to believe that the enrollment did not go through for some reason, I will notify the plan and the Elder Benefit Specialist immediately. I understand that all enrollments must be made by December 7, 2016.

    I acknowledge that participants can generally only change plans once per year during the Annual Enrollment Period. By enrolling in this plan now, I understand that, absent a special enrollment period, I will probably have to stay in this plan for a year before I can drop or switch plans again.

    Medicare Planfinder