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  • Stormwater Permit Submittal for a Site with a Stormwater Management plan
    The following is an outline of the contents of submittals for an actual development where the requirements for a stormwater management plan are triggered (i.e. more than a small amount of impervious surface is being created).  Links are also provided to relevant forms and to alternative templates.

    1. Required for a complete preliminary submittal:

    a. Permit application form
    b. Permit review fee (see fee schedule)
    c. Preliminary Erosion Control Plan  (review checklist)
    d. Preliminary Erosion Control Narrative
    e. Preliminary Stormwater Management Plan (review  checklist)
    f.  Preliminary Stormwater Narrative
    g. Pre - and  Post-Developed  Watershed Maps
    h. Watershed Summary Table
    i. Site Plan / Soils Map  (review checklist).  
    j.  BMP Soil Test Results ( reporting form )
    k. Preliminary BMP Design Summaries.

    2. For a final plan submittal, provide:

    a. A cover letter responding to any review comments.
    b. Site Map (review checklist)
    c. Final Erosion Control Plan  (review  checklist)   
    d. Final Stormwater Management Plan (review  checklist )
    e. Final Land Division / Certification of Compliance (review checklist)
    f. Financial Assurance  ( fee schedule example receipt )  (may be submitted earlier)
    g. Signed  Plan Implementation Sign-Off form