Waukesha County

  • When making Travel and STD appointments you do not need to create an encounter. The time spent on the phone with the client and while making the appointment can be absorbed into your NCC non-client time.
  • When calling and confirming appointments in NCC and entering it into Insight…sometimes when you are selecting ‘Confirmed’ or ‘message left’ it is not “sticking”. There is not a SAVE option so after you enter it in, click enter or click off the field, CLOSE and then go back in to the clinic roster to see if it's stuck
  • No encounter needed but need to document in case management under Additional Notes
  • Left a message for a client or MD
  • Sent a letter, fax, etc
  • Non-meaningful conversation
  • Example: the client cannot talk at this time and will call back later
  • When you need to create an encounter and document in case management under Additional Notes
  • Having contact with the client and/or doctor via telephone or face to face and having a meaningful conversation
Immunization EMR Subprogram For those of you who have been in NCC/WINS, you may have noticed that we have had issues with the Subprogram not populating for EMR notes when giving immunizations. We have now rectified this. It will be blank and then you need to choose Immunizations. Please do the same for TB skin test EMR notes. It should then “stick”. If you see IM Obsolete, this is an issue and please let me know. Also let me or Elizabeth know if you are having issues not being able to see EMR notes in the modules.
Lipid Panel
  • When you get a Lipid panel, be sure to choose Lipid panel in the procedure details and not Cholesterol screening. You will see the price difference but I just wanted to remind you
  • Also for Drug UA’s that have both the Instant and Chain of Custody, you can combine these to make things easier. What I mean by this is you can have them both under the same encounter, and add both on the same lab entry page.
  • When entering in Medications, in order to get a drop down for the NDC (drug list) you need to go into the Medication/Allergies tab that is accessed through the Medical Records button that is located to the left of the screen on the splash screen or on the top tool bar (this looks like white pages) You can also find it under Navigate at the top of the screen Under Medications/Allergies.
  • You can also click on the ‘Globe’ to the right of the NDC field to access the drug search function
  • You are not able to access the dropdown in the Immunization Module on the Medication tab but you can free text; best practice would be to add the medication to the area that is a dropdown and this will pull over into the other modules
Time and Effort Whenever bringing encounters into Time & Effort, be sure to hit the ‘Refresh list’ button to be sure that all encounters come over. You would then ‘Create T&E from Encounters’ and open the encounters, proceed as necessary.
WINS For Immunizations and TB skin tests, we are using WINS as the Clinic and Immunizations as the Subprogram. For TB skin test reads, use WINS as the Clinic and Immunizations as the Subprogram as well. I know that in the walkthroughs, TB Program is indicated. After looking at the reports, we determined that we will keep everything under Immunizations for consistency. Also, please be sure to mark the time when placing and reading the TB skin tests.
WINS-Drug Screening When doing Drug UA’s, if the person has been here before, when you go into EMR notes to open a new note, it will sometimes load the information from the previous provider in the dropdowns on the first page. Just be sure to change the provider information and verify the date before opening the new note.