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Michelle Lim
Kinship and Foster Care Supervisor
262-970-4761, mlim@waukeshacounty.gov

Cassie BeLow,
General Foster Care Coordinator
262-896-8574, cbelow@waukeshacounty.gov

Jennifer Mantei
Caregiver Support Coordinator
262-548-7250, jmantei@waukeshacounty.gov

Jessica Morris
Relative Foster Care Coordinator
262-548-7256, JMmorris@waukeshacounty.gov

Libby Sinclair
Kinship Care Coordinator
262-548-7277, esinclair@waukeshacounty.gov

Hilary Smith
Relative Foster Care Coordinator
262-548-7254, hsmith@waukeshacounty.gov

Human Service Center

Address: 514 Riverview Avenue,
Waukesha WI, 53188
Phone: (262) 548-7212
Se Habla EspaƱol
Fax (262) 548-7379

For information outside of regular business hours please call IMPACT 2-1-1 by dialing: 211, or 262-547-3388, or toll free 1-866-211-3380.

Licensing Requirements

  • In order to become a foster home in Wisconsin, you must obtain a foster home license, this includes all relative caregivers. There are several qualifications a person must meet to become licensed as a foster parent. These include:
  • Potential foster parents need to participate in several interviews in the prospective foster parents home. The purpose of these interviews is to see if the home, as well as the prospective foster parent, satisfies the state's requirements and meets the needs of the children available for placement.
  • A physical examination is required. The prospective foster parents and all household members must provide a written statement from their doctor stating they are free from diseases harmful to children and that they are physically and emotionally able to care for children under the age of 18.
  • Prospective foster parents and any children over the age of twelve that reside in the home must agree to undergo a criminal background check. The applicant and any children over the age of twelve residing in their home cannot possess any criminal charges that may have an impact on their caring for children in a safe and appropriate manner.
  • Prospective foster parents must furnish proof of their automobile liability insurance as well as their homeowners and/or renters insurance. If prospective foster parents drive an automobile they must provide proof that they have a valid drivers license.
  • A prospective foster parent must have sufficient income to meet their own expenses. While the agency reimburses the foster parent for the child's basic needs, foster parents should not think of this as a way to make an extra income. Foster parents are paid for the child's room, board and some clothing. Basic monthly payments start at $226.00 for Level 1 foster homes and $366.00 for Level 2 foster homes. Medical insurance for children in foster care is covered under Title 19 (Medicaid).
  • A foster home license is issued for not more than 2 years at a time. At the time the license expires, the foster parents may apply for a renewal. There is no charge for a foster home license.
  • All Foster Parents for Waukesha County Department of Health and Human Services are required to take a six hour Pre-Placement training during the licensing process. The classes are offered once a month. This training will provide the foster parent with the basic knowledge to foster their first placement. During the first two years of being licensed and during their first placement, Foundation Training will be required. This training will be offered twice per year. The Department will also offer ongoing training several times a year on various topics.
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