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Bus service is available to the ADRC through Waukesha Metro transit.

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For information outside of regular business hours please call IMPACT 2-1-1 by dialing: 211 or toll free 1-866-211-3380.

How to Report Abuse or Neglect

Any concerned citizen or provider with knowledge about a possible concern of adult and/or elder abuse or neglect is encouraged to make an APS referral.

What kind of information is needed for a referral?   

When you call to report alleged abuse or neglect there are several questions you may be asked to understand the current concern and determine an appropriate response.  This information is very helpful but you are not required or expected to know it all.  You will also have the option to provide your name and information or to stay anonymous. 

Information you will be asked may include:

General information for the adult or elder at-risk including:

  • Name, date of birth, address, phone number
  • living situation (alone, with alleged abuser, etc.)
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Family:  Marital Status, names of children or involved family members
  • Does the adult or elder at risk have an alternate decision maker? (i.e. guardian or power of attorney)
  • Suspected disability (mental health, dementia, substance abuse, frail  elder, physical disability, traumatic brain injury, developmental disability)
  • Concerns regarding a person’s cognitive capacity
  • Name/ relationship /contact information of alleged abuser


For financial abuse concerns:

  • Names of banking institution(s)
  • Monthly income of the adult or elder at-risk
  • Assets (approximate) of the adult or elder at-risk
  • Unpaid bills and/or financial consequences to the victim
  • Nature of the concern and how you know this information


For concerns regarding neglect (self neglect or caregiver neglect):

  • General picture of how the person presents (i.e. frail, ill, confused, problem with hygiene, mobility impaired)
  • Known medical/physical conditions of the adult or elder at-risk
  • Ability or concerns with basic activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, mobility) or other tasks (i.e. bill paying, meal prep, driving).
  • Involved medical or other in-home service providers or supports.
  • Concerns for safety (i.e. falls, confusion, isolation, medical, condition of the home).
  • Nature of the concern and how you know this information


For concerns of neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse

  • Specific examples of the reported incidences
  • Past attempts at follow up as a result of abuse (i.e. medical attention or police intervention)
  • Safety concerns for the victim (i.e. needs medical attention, isolation, continued access to abuser)
  • Nature of the concern and how you know this information


Where to report concerns?

If you are calling to report an issue of adult or elder abuse or neglect of a person living in the community within Waukesha County:

During regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8am – 4:30pm): 

Aging and Disability Resource Center of Waukesha County at (262) 548-7848


After business hours:

 Impact 2-1-1 @  2-1-1 (from landline)

(262) 547-3388 (from cell phone) or toll free: (866) 211-3380.

What happens after a referral is made?

APS will determine type of response for all APS referral. The name of the reporter remains confidential (statutory).

APS investigations are confidential and information and/or updates will not be provided without a proper release of information by the subject of the investigation. 

APS staff my contact collateral contacts (including medical professionals or other involved persons) and complete a face to face interview with the subject of the investigation.

APS staff work with the subject of the investigation to determine need for services to support their ability to remain in the community as long as possible.  Competent adults have the right to refuse services.  Persons who are assessed to meet the legal standards of incompetence will be offered services in least restrictive setting to meet their needs but court may be necessary to ensure their ongoing protection. 


Other Key Reporting Agencies/ Resources:

To report a concern regarding an adult residing in a State-licensed facility:

  • To report abuse or neglect occurring within a State-licensed nursing home, call the Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) Bureau of Nursing Home Resident Care (BNHC) Southeastern Regional office at (414) 227-5000.
  • To report abuse or neglect occurring within a State-licensed program such as an assisted living facility, community based residential facility (CBRF), adult family home (AFH), adult day care program, or residential care apartment complex (RCAC), call the State Bureau of Assisted Living Southern Regional office at 608-264-9888.


To Report Adult or Elder Abuse or Neglect occurring outside of Waukesha County:


Concerns of public-assistance fraud: The Wisconsin Department of Health Services encourages the public to report any fraudulent use of public assistance dollars through our fraud hotline 1-877-865-3432 or through the fraud reporting website: https://www.reportfraud.wisconsin.gov/rptfrd/default.aspx