• Fire/EMS Study Tentative Timeline

  • (This timeline is tentative and subject to change)

    • January 4-8: Draft and review RFP (COMPLETED)
    • February 10: Review of RFP by fire chiefs at Fire Chiefs Association Meeting (COMPLETED)
    • February 12-15: If necessary, make changes to RFP based on Fire Chief's recommendations (COMPLETED)
    • February 15-19: Select and invite RFP panel to participate. Suggested panelists:(open to discussion) Gary Bell, Purchasing Representative, two area Fire Chiefs from included municipalities, two Administrators from  participating municipalities, a citizen-at-large, and a Waukesha County Board Supervisor (COMPLETED)
    • March 10: RFP released (COMPLETED)
    • March 16: RFP questions due (COMPLETED)
    • April 5 @ 2pm: RFP responses due (COMPLETED)
    • April: RFP panel review period (COMPLETED)
    • Mid-April: Interviews of potential consultant (COMPLETED)
    • May: Consulting contract to be signed (COMPLETED)
      • Contract awarded to Fitch and Associates LLC (FITCH )
    • May - July:  FITCH conducted a brief introductory kick off meeting
      where we had the opportunity to meet with several of the municipal leaders, the County Executive, several fire chiefs, and the dispatch center.
    • Prior to July 25:  
      • Each of the fire department agencies will receive an Information Data Request (IDR) from FITCH
      • A request will be made for all of the EMS and Fire Response data from the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system
      •  A request for the Geographic Information System (GIS) data will be made
    • Autumn 2016: Subsequent to the requested data being received by FITCH, on-site visits will be scheduled to visit each of the agencies and all of the fire stations to conduct structured interviews, direct observations, and validate submitted data to ensure common understanding
      • Status of requests for data (data received by FITCH Yes/No):
        • Delafield Fire Department     No
        • Dousman Fire Department    No
        • GIS (Waukesha County)       Yes
        • Hartland Fire Department     Yes
        • Lake Country Fire District     No
        • Lisbon Fire Department        Yes
        • Merton Fire Department        No
        • North Prairie Fire Depart.      No
        • Oconomowoc Fire Depart.    No
        • Okauchee Fire Department   No
        • Pewaukee Fire Department   No
        • Sussex Fire Department        No  
    • October 10:FITCH visited and toured individual Fire Stations
    • October 11:FITCH held group session with Fire Chiefs
    • Winter 2016-2017: Consultant to present materials and findings to Fire Chiefs and Administrators
    • Winter 2016-2017: Final report due