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Report Non-Emergency Issues Using YourGOV

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  • Welcome to YourGOV

    Report non-emergency issues 24/7 via YourGOV

    We want to know about the issue(s) you have encountered in Waukesha County-managed highways, parks and facilities, from potholes to vandalism, tree damage to traffic signals. And more!

    Save a phone call: Your online report zips directly to the responsible department. We'll take it from there! No need to find time during business hours to contact us.

    Create an account: View your previous reports. Store your info for quick reporting. View issues already submitted -- maybe yours is already en route to resolution. Get confirmation when the issue has been cleared. Registration is quick and easy!

    Submit without an account: Just passing through? No follow-up contact requested? Not in the mood to sign in? No problem. Submit your issue with no registration necessary. Pro tip: We may need a bit more detail from you -- enter your email in the field marked "Description." Thank you!

  • How to Report an Issue

    How to Report an Issue within Waukesha County-managed Highways, Parks, and Facilities:

      1. Sign Up or Sign In at upper right to receive email notifications regarding your issue (optional).
      2. Check if your issue has already been reported: View the issue location on YourGOV's interactive map and view reported issues at left. 
      3. Ready to report? Click + (plus) below.
      4. Attach a photo (optional): Click Browse for an image file
      5. Set the location: Click and drag marker to the issue's location. (Then the Address bar will automatically display the nearest address.)
      6. Select the Issue Type from our pre-set options.
      7. Tell us more: Enter a detailed Description of the issue and its location. We'll need as much info as you can provide!
      8. Attach a photo (optional): Click Browse for an image file
      9. Click Submit. You'll now see your issue listed at left. Thank you for helping us serve residents and visitors of Waukesha County!

If you are unable to use YourGOV, please report your issue with Park or Highway 'Issues'.