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 About Utility permits:

A utility permit is required for construction, maintainance, and/or repair of utilities within a County Highway's right of way. It helps the permitting authority manage the highway right of way corridor for the most efficient use of space, helps the coordination of facilities within, and ensures proper restoration. Permit fees depend on the scope of work that will be occurring.

How to apply:

    1. Click "apply"
    2. Recommended: Save blank application to your computer or device
    3. Complete and save form
    4. Email saved form as attachment to DPickart@waukeshacounty.gov with:

• Detailed plan of proposed installation
• Supporting documents
Important: No payment is submitted until after your plan is reviewed; permit fee is due prior to issuance of permit.

Utility permit fees
Construct, maintain, or repair utilities within highway right of way 


Application fee 2023-2024

Inspection fee 2023-2024

Excavate in Pavement first 200 ft $105 $265


cash / check only

Excavate in Pavement each additional 1000 ft $0 $265

Excavate/Plow in Right of Way first 200 ft

$105 $265

Excavate/Plow in Right of Way each additional mile

$0 $265
New Poles per pole  $105 $265
Re-Apply for Utility Permit: $105  
Re-Inspection each:   $100

Waukesha County
Utility Permit 

Contact: Dawn Pickart (email)

Phone 262-548-7846 • Fax 262-896-8097
8 am - 4:30 pm • Monday - Friday 

Waukesha County - Department of Public Works
515 W. Moreland Blvd • Room 220
Waukesha, WI 53188 (directions)

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