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DRIVEWAY ACCESS permit Private driveway (apply)
   Application Fee 2017-18 Permit Fee 
Single Family or Farm 
Without Culvert Installation • per driveway
$0  $510 

Single Family or Farm
With Culvert Installation • culvert supplied by owner • per driveway

 $0 $1120

Permit Requirements:

  • Completed Department Application.
  • Plat of Survey, Certified Survey Map or Subdivision Plat showing location of driveway.
  • Driveway location (center of driveway) staked in the field for sight distance determination and culvert sizing.
  • No payment required at the time of application. Payment shall be made prior to issuance of permit.

Permit fee based on need for culvert and Waukesha County Department of Public Works installation of the owner-furnished culvert.