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Access Permit

Contact: Jason Mayer (email)

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Waukesha County Administration Center
515 W. Moreland Blvd. Room 220
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DRIVEWAY ACCESS permit Commercial • Industrial • Institutional (apply)
  2017-18 Application Fee 2017-18 Permit Fee 

Commercial / Industrial / Institutional / Subdivision
type A, B, C or D entrance • per driveway

$470  $780

Commercial / Industrial / Institutional / Subdivision (>50,000 SQ FT)
or Subdivision (>100 UNITS)
type A, B, C or D entrance • per driveway • includes Traffic Study Review fee

$470  $1820 

Roadway Construction Needed - Commercial / Industrial / Institutional / Subdivision
per driveway • includes Traffic Study Review fee

$470  $4400

Permit Requirements:

  • Prior to any action by the Department, a completed Application & Application Fee must be submitted.
  • Payment of Permit Fee.
  • Drainage plan of the development to include:
    • Grading plan.
    • Map showing pre/post construction drainage basin areas.
    • Pond calculations.
    • Storm sewer & culvert pipe calculations for pipes within the County Highway right of way.
    • Roadway cross-sections where grading and drainage work is proposed within the County Highway right of way, but outside required intersection improvements.
    • Storm water management report to include summary of the impact to existing County Highway roadside ditches, culverts or storm sewer systems.
  • Grading plan of development area.
  • Erosion control plan of development area.
  • Pavement marking plan of intersection improvement areas where 1" = 50' (minimum).
  • Intersection plans (proposed intersection with County Trunk Highway) where 1" = 50' (minimum).
  • Reconstruction plans for County Highways (when required) where 1" = 50' (minimum).
  • Cross-sections within the work limits

NOTE: For developments greater than 50,000 sq ft floor area or 100 residential lots or units, a Traffic Impact Analysis is required. The Traffic Impact Analysis will determine the type of intersection to be constructed by the development.