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View a Court File in Person

To view an actual file, you must go to the Circuit Court Division where the case is filed and provide the case number of the file you want to view. Please Note: Viewers may not take the file apart, open any sealed envelopes, or remove the file from the office.

Not all files may be readily available to view as the Circuit Court utilizes both on-site and off-site record filing facilities.  If the file is quite old, phone the Circuit Court Division in advance so they may retrieve the file if it is offsite. 

Sealed and Expunged Cases: Special rules exist for viewing these types of cases. Please contact the appropriate division for information on how to make this request.


On-site case information and documents are available, per state statute, through hard copy records, microfilm (viewable in the County Administration Center, Room G-10), digital record images, or web based data access. Staff will be happy to assist you in viewing this information.

Juvenile Court
Any requests for inspection/review and/or release of records, or requests for transcripts of juvenile records must be reviewed and approved by the juvenile court judge. Therefore, you may not be able to view a record on the same day you make the request.

If you are requesting to view or get copies of the record and you are

  • the child or juvenile in the case,
  • the parent, guardian, or legal custodian of the child in the case, or
  • an individual who has been given permission by one of the above

You must complete the Authorization and Order to Open Court Records for Inspection (JD-1739) PDF Document and file it in the Juvenile Court.

If you are requesting to view or get copies of the record and you are not one of the individuals above, you must complete the Request to Inspect Juvenile Court Records PDF Document and file it in the Juvenile Court.


Please refer to the policy on Retrieval of Off-Site Court Files and/or Filed Hard Copy Documents.


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